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BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."

                                                                                          Zodiac Jupiter

                                                         By Mrs Jasmine Smith Senior Astrologer

 Jupiter In Vedic Astrology                                         Jupiter In The Houses                                     Jupiter Sign   


Jupiter Exaltation Debilitated Jupiter                       Raja Yoga Astrology


Jupiter Conjunction                                                       Planet Jupiter Astrology



Best Astrologers                                                                 Medical Astrologer


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Zodiac Jupiter in Astrology and Horoscope stands for

Expansion (intellectual & physical)         Learning           Generous                                                     Sagittarius, & traditionally Pisces

Philosophy       ‘Greater benefic’            Optimism         

Faith                   Good fortune                 9th House

Languages          Opportunity                   Luck                                Bigger picture    Fire

Prosperity               Justice             Extravagant            Growth                   Beliefs              Mutable

Affluence                 Wealth             Abundance             Confidence            Exploration         Thursday

Joviality                    Self-indulgent   Over-optimism       Loyalty          

Foreign Travel


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Education            Meaning           Conceited            Exaggeration          Self-confidence           Benevolence

Long-distance travel               Religion         Buoyancy                                  Abroad         Enlargement

Lots              Expanded        More         Huge            Excessive         Inflation     Bigger            

Wider framework           Universities           Further education           Search for meaning                           Overstatement


 Education                     Meaning                      Conceited          

Exaggeration                Self-confidence           Benevolence

Long-distance travel    Religion                        Buoyancy             Abroad                           Enlargement

Lots                                 Expanded                     More            Huge                               Excessive                       Inflation     Bigger            

Wider framework           Universities           Further education   Search for meaning        Overstatement

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Seeker              Expansion of vision & knowledge       Wisdom   Inner faith       Overbearing

“Over the top”     Over-confident         Over-indulgent    Over-inflated        Overboard                Overseas   

Broaden the mind… experience            Philosophers             Religions            Churches                        God

The Church        Clergy                              Priesthood              Religious life       Morality, Ethics             Laws  

Law of land          Representatives of legal profession               Courts                   Politics

Teaching                              Universities      Colleges                 Publishing                            Veterinary science (large)

Prosperity of nation           Aspects of monarchy/royalty    Books,Libraries                   Globe

Teacher            Clergyman     Lawyer            Scholar            Lecturer         Professor



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Zeus (Greek King of the Gods)  Jupiter (Roman, Jove)

Thor (Norse God of thunder & lightning)                                      Thunderstorms


Liver, thighs                                                                                        Colour – Purple        

 About Astrology, Free Indian Astrology , Planet Jupiter Astrology


Large, gentle animals – dolphins, whales, elephants, horses, large birds, peacocks, pheasants, partridges.


Borage (star flower)             Chervil             Cloves            

Pinks, carnations                   Mace               Nutmeg

Bilberry                                    Sweet chestnut tree        

Oak                                            Fig tree            

Dandelions                               Dock

Lichens which grow on stone Liverworts      Pear            

Gooseberries                             Rhubarb


Tin (lightest metal)                     Zinc oxide        Emeralds            Topaz                                             Sapphire           Marble

Amethyst                                       Lapis lazuli


Positive character traits  -  Lucky, fortunate, philanthropic, optimistic, wise, jovial, blessed, expansive, generous, fond of sport, philosophical, large in outlook.


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Negative character traits - Self-inflated, overbearing, no sense of detail, self-indulgent, over trusting to luck, wasteful, hubris.


BASIC--Expansion, vision, optimism, ideation, orthodox religious tendencies.

POSITIVE--Benevolence, broad-mindedness, executive ability, legal ability, respect for law, honor, charity, reverence, conservatism, opulence, popularity, success.

NEGATIVE--Overconfidence, extravagance, indolence, prodigality, showiness, bombast, dissipation, sportiness, lawlessness, procrastination.






9th House

12th House

12 Years (approximate)

Action, Orderly, Promotes Growth, Spiritual Quest


Dignity or Ruler Sign

Detriment Sign

Exaltation Sign

Fall Sign




About Astrology, Free Indian Astrology , Planet Jupiter Astrology







Zodiac Jupiter

 rules the weekday, Thursday.

Zodiac Jupiter glyph represents the ascending crescent of the personality which is no longer confined to the material plane, which is why Zodiac Jupiter

 moves beyond what you can actually see and finds gain.

Zodiac Jupiter Rules


      Big Business








About Astrology, Free Indian Astrology , Planet Jupiter Astrology



      Long distance travel





     Zodiac Jupiter Represents

      Higher Education

      Philosophic Reasoning



To know meaning of Zodiac Jupiter

 in your Astrological Birth Chart

 order Personal Horoscope.


      Fondness for animals




      Gift of Prophecy

      Master Teachers



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