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BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."

                                                                                Venus Astrology

                                                       By Miss Ananya Taylor Astrologer

Venus, the planet of love,venus is planet which shows in our horoscope how we approach love,what is important in relationship to us,in a female Astrological Birth Chart it shows how well she feels of love,how well she gives and fell affection,venus in difficult position or afflicted or weak ,than woman will feel less worth associated,less worthy people,less wise choices.


In a man’s horoscope ,it will show wife,man is somewhat attracted that end up in

relationship, the kind of situations that you can meet partner the position of Venus tells u,how we make choices,the most important choices we make in relationship,if we have position Venus in difficult postion,weak or afflicted ,more often we will make wrong choices in relationship,First you need to know the house of position ,you can go to and find Astrological Birth Chart  calculator and you have to enter your accurate date ,time and place of birth.We have very great professional Astrological Birth Chart  calculator that tells you your Astrological Birth Chart  . Just see where Venus is in which house and with which planets and which planets aspects Venus and Venus aspects which planets. That WILL SAY all about your relationship and the situation in which you will make relationship and with what type of people.

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What happens if you have Venus in 5th. Fifth house is house of love, courtship and romance and Venus is planet of relationship. So what happens is we become extremely romantic and when you in love you show in love in overly romantic, dramatic way, u invent genius way to surpise your partner. How romantic, dramatic gesture hires a restaurant and put one table in restaurant, shopping in big spree with your love, fith house is house of sun, Leo so you show showoff your romantic express. Venus in 5th house makes a little bit of playboy and playgirl, for them love is so important it makes so them, it so strongly connected to their egos, sense of self expressions how happy they feel about themselves, they often tend to fall in love and relationship, these people  are in love all their lives, even when in their sixties they will throwing a look at their where is romantic and attractive girl or boy.

They use relationships in sense of fun, joy, exicetment, self expression and satisfying their ego. ROMANCE IS SO BIG in their consciousness. Their relationship is not serious for making family and preserving their traditions, It is kind of ego game of entertainment. It is game. If male in Venus in 5th house, he will be dramatic in relationship but also he will attract a girl who can showoff, maybe she is woman who is noticeable in society, maybe she dresses so specialy, she is known for something like local celebrity, TAKE her out to dinner, dress her beautifully  so all the man can be jealous there is sense of noticeable about the person you are attracted. So AS I SAY if U attracted someone with Venus in 5th house ,they will be very creative in expressing love, they will send cars,flowers,do dramatic gestures. If they dont do it to you and they have Venus in 5th house ,than they may not love you and not  interested in you. They do so in start of relationship and that less later. They CAN ATTRACTED TO ACTREES,dancers,people they are noticeable in some way,sexier,beautyfull,high maintance,often if you have in fifth, you are in high maintenance, woman with high maintained and you also like show off with them, so this will give you pleasure. If are woman with Venus in 5th, you won’t set for a dull partner ,you will like to play all the time, have fun, like to go cine,gain through speculation, gain through speculation, investments, art and music, children, schools and playgrounds. You may be blessed with noble sons, financial gain, success, capacity to compose classics.

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