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BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."



Astrology is a divine science which enables us to look into the future. The Vedic astrology which is also known as Hindu Astrology is most commonly understood as a science to connect with the horoscope reading, making future predictions and much more.  The horoscope gives us a picture of the result of our karmas done by our past birth and their results into our current life being.

 Everyone in this world wants to know their future. To know about your future, the service is available all over the world. Astrologers are now seen in every part of the world giving their services to people. Indian astrology is one of its own kind which has shown better accuracy in predicting future and helping services for those in need. work as a support function for those who are confused in life; need the expert advice regarding betterment of future, want to live a happy and a healthy life. 


Please note that the prices in Rupees changes with changes in value of currency.

Prices in Rupees


Personality Horoscope

Us Dollars 29 Indian Rs 1587

Ask A Question

Us Dollars 11 Indian Rs 602.25

Marriage Love Horoscope

Us Dollars 28 Indian Rs 1533

Remedies Astrology

Us Dollars 28 Indian Rs 1533

Career Horoscope

Us Dollars 27 Indian Rs 1478

Horoscopes Match

Us Dollars 26 Indian Rs 1040

Gem Consultancy

Us Dollars 19 Indian Rs 1423

Health Horoscope

Us Dollars 35 Indian Rs1121

Financial Horoscope

Us Dollars 38 Indian Rs 2080

Birth Time Correction

Us Dollars 100 Indian Rs 5475

Birth Time Rectification

Us Dollars 300 Indian Rs 16425

Baby Horoscopes

Us Dollars 36 Indian Rs2050

Muhurata Auspicious Time Report

Us Dollars 31 Indian Rs 1971

Annual Horoscope

Us Dollars 18 Indian Rs 985



Please note that its not a computer generated report. All analysis is manually done by me.
1.Email to with your birth details and also mentioning the reason for buying a particular service.Please be specific in your problem description and query for the service you buy.If You do not know which service is best for your problem or query ,write an email to asking the right service to buy for your query or problem.

2. You will then be required to pay securely on Paypal Checkout when you click on PayPal “Add to Cart” button for the service you choose to buy and thats much you have to do.

By placing the order you agree that you have read and understood the disclaimer.Due to nature of the services all sales are final .
Please allow 2 days to 4 days for delivery of your result.

Personality Horoscope

$ 29 USD


Detailed full life analysis either in written document or on phone call



Ask a Question

$ 11 USD

Get answer to your any question either on direct phonecall by fixing an appointment for the phone call or by written answer in a document


Marriage Love Horoscope

$ 28 USD

Complete analysis of your matrimonial life with remedies either in written document or on phone call


Remedies Astrology

$ 28 USD

Remedies for every problem of your life and remedies for weakness of planets either in written document or on phone call


Career Horoscope

$ 27 USD

Suitable for job or business,lucky year and much more and remedies for the same either in written document or on phone call


Business Horoscope

$ 32 USD

Vedic Astrology Analysis And Remedy Of Business Related Problems either in written document or on phone call


Horoscopes Match

$ 26 USD

Complete analysis of suitability of your selected partner for marriage


Gem Consultancy

$ 19 USD

Get to know which Gemstone you need to buy or which Gemstone suits you to bring luck or for health ,patnership or marriage either in written document or on phone call


Health Horoscope

$ 35 USD

A vedic astrology analysis of your lifetime health either in written document or on phone call


Financial Horoscope

$ 38 USD

Complete analysis of fortune in finance with remedies either in written document or on phone call


Birth Time Correction

$ 110 USD

If you know date of birth but not time of birth


Birth Time Rectification

$ 300 USD

If you do not know your date of birth as well as time of birth


Baby Horoscopes

$ 36 USD



Vedic Astrology Analysis Of Child Related Problems And Remedies either in written document or on phone call 





Muhurata Auspicious Time Horoscope

$ 31 USD

Auspicious time for starting any activity either in written document or on phone call


Annual Horoscope

$ 18 USD

Detailed analysis of whole one year either in written document or on phone call


Basic Horoscope

$ 9 USD

Buy this service if you only want a horoscope with a number of calculations and charts for your records.


Learn Astrology On Phone 25 minutes

$ 16 USD

Ask any question if you have ant doubts about concepts ,applications and learning elements in astrology(vedic astrology) for 25 minutes by our astrologer


Learn Astrology On Phone 60 minutes

$ 30 USD

Ask any question if you have ant doubts about concepts ,applications and learning elements in astrology(vedic astrology) for 60 minutes by our astrologer


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