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BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."


                                                                                Medical Astrology, Zodiac Jupiter

                                                               By  Mrs Aaliyah Jones  Astrologer


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Medical astrology, Zodiac Jupiter

 Zodiac Jupiter in medical astrology rules the liver, since it is the largest planet and the liver is one of the largest organs. Metaphysicians note that liver problems are often created through unresolved anger. When one is in the expanded consciousness of Zodiac Jupiter, anger can be resolved. Only when you are blocked to the expanded consciousness of Zodiac Jupiter do you hold anger over the long term.

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Medical ASTROLOGY Zodiac Jupiter,

Diseases caused by ill placed Brihaspati

According to Medical Astrologer, The planet Jupiter rules over some of the medical aspects of human lives and pave the path of health comprising blood vessels, air in heart, liver, left ear, thighs, ribs, arteries, bone marrow, pituitary gland, lungs, backbone and deposition of fats in the body.

Medical Astrologer will tell you an ill placed Zodiac Jupiter could result in some health problems associated with digestion, gallstone, low blood, sugar, jaundice, obesity, malnutrition and hemorrhoids while a well placed planet could bring optimism, self believe, longevity, attainment of strength and valor.



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