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BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."

                                                                                  Manglik Meaning

                                                                       By Miss Hannah Murphy Astrologer


Mars has a special place in vedic astrology when it comes to marital affairs.

Mangalik Dosh
or Manglik Dosa is one of the most dreaded dosha in the vedic chart. A number of people get married late because of this dosha as it takes them a long time to find the Horoscopes Match  and Check Manglik (who also have the same dosha) and apply Mangal Dosha Remedy . Fortunately most of the times the native having Mangalik Dosh or Manglik Dosa doesn't have to fear anything because certain planetary positions may have rendered it ineffective or made it nullified. Love Astrology, Marriage Astrology, Marriage Horoscope, Horoscopes Match will help you determine if you have the Mangalik Dosh or Manglik Dosa and  Check Manglik and if yes, then how effective it is and to apply Mangal Dosha Remedy.

According to the prevalent definition of Mangalik Dosh in Indian Astrology, it is said that if Mars is placed in any of the houses 1,2,4,7,8 or 12, in a Horoscope where the rising sign or the Ascendant is taken as the first house, Mangalik Dosh  is said to be formed in that Horoscope.

Manglik Dosa is usually said to delay the marriage of the affected person and create disturbances even after marriage or in the worst cases it may cause the death of the spouse. And it is advised by some astrologers that a person having a Manglik Dosa in his or her Horoscope should only marry a person who also has Manglik Dosa in his or her Horoscope. According to these astrologers, the bad effects of Mangalik Dosh  present in a Horoscope are reduced or even canceled if the person marrying the first person is also having Mangalik Dosh in his or her Horoscope. As we now know the basic definition of  Mangalik Dosh, so let's analyze it further.

And for the convenience of foreign readers I would like to mention Manglik Meaning that any person suffering from Mangalik Dosh  is called a Manglik. So when someone says "I'm a Manglik", it simply means that they have Mangalik Dosh  in their Horoscope or at least they've been told so.

Now let's move further.

If Manglik Dosa is formed in a way which has been described above, then it is quite evident that 50% of the people should be suffering from the bad effects of Mangalik Dosh as the primary condition for the formation of  Manglik Dosa is the placement of Mars in the above mentioned six houses of a  Horoscope counting from the Ascendant. And as there are only 12 houses in a Horoscope, so there is a fair chance that every second person in this world should be having Mangalik Dosh in his or her Horoscope. And accordingly he or she should suffer from the bad effects of Manglik Dosa which may be as bad as the death of the spouse.Doesn't that sound odd. And if it sounds odd to you, then let me tell you that it sounds odd to me also. I mean how can every second person on the earth can have a Manglik Dosa and if we move one step further, let's assume that randomly 50% of the people having Manglik Dosa in their Horoscope are married to a person having Mangalik Dosh in their Horoscope and 50% of the people having Manglik Dosa in their horoscope are married to a person not having a Manglik Dosa in their Horoscope.

If you have manglik dosha ,than you can easily minimise its bad effect to negligible

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After doing the calculations it can be found that out of all the matches made in the world, 25% couples are a Manglik-Manglik couple, 50% of the couples are a Manglik-NonManglik couple and the rest of the 25% couples are a NonManglik-NonManglik couple. This would mean that the marriage of every second person on the earth is delayed and disturbed even to the point where the partner may die. And we are only talking about one concept named Mangalik Dosh. And there are other very powerful concepts like Kal Sarpa Yog which can do far more damage than Mangalik Dosh if it is strong. And taking into consideration all the other possible Bad aspects and Yoga In Astrology formed in an average Horoscope, we can reach an estimate that 75% of the people on this earth are having great difficulties in getting married, their married life is very much disturbed and in the worst case their partner may die. Isn't this figure a bit too big too be true. Well, according to me, it is. So let's further analyze the actual scope of Mangalik Dosh.

The placement of Mars in the above mentioned houses is not the sole criteria for predicting a Mangalik Dosh in someone's Horoscope. Mars placed in any of the above mentioned house can do a number of things to the native

It can actually form a Mangalik Dosh, it can remain silent and do nothing and then on the contrary it can form a Manglik Yoga if mars is benefic

Astrological Birth Chart. Now what is this Manglik Yoga. This is just the opposite of

Mangalik Dosh, and if Mars placed in the above mentioned houses in a Horoscope is giving its beneficial results, then Manglik Yoga is formed instead of Manglik Dosa. The results of a Manglik Yoga are exactly the opposite of a Manglik Dosa and would include timely marriage and happiness in married life among other things. I've personally seen many cases in which a Manglik Yoga is formed in the Horoscope and accordingly the persons have been blessed with all the good results of this Yoga In Astrology. So it is very important to check first whether there is a Mangalik Dosh, a Manglik Yoga or Mars is just placed in the above mentioned houses in a  Horoscope and is not concerned at all with the marriage or married life of the person. And even if the presence of a Manglik Dosa is confirmed in a Horoscope, the strength and timing of impact for this Dosh is also to be considered before predicting the results of this Dosh.

A Manglik Dosa with a strength more than 50-60% found in a Horoscope, can do potential damages regarding the marriage or married life of the person having this Dosh. So next time you're afraid of some amateur astrologer telling you that you have a Manglik Dosa in your Horoscope, don't bother too much and have the opinion of someone who is an expert in the field. It can very well be nothing at all or the Manglik Yoga itself which is the ultimate bliss a person can have regarding his or her marriage or married life in his or her Marriage Horoscope.

The bad effects of  Manglik Dosa can be reduced with the help of astrological remedies which would generally include the application of Pooja, Yantras, Mantras, Gemstones and Charities and these remedies are different for different individuals depending upon their Horoscope.



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